In 1997, MacroTask Inc. was founded and Dongguan Gentay Plastic Manufacturing Plant was established and began production.
In 1998, our headquarters devised a method successfully to extrude 2-colors sheet at one time, with a cheaper price than ever. It was quite an innovation, and we received a lot of accolades and saw our reputation for innovation increase with the plastic traders and foreign buyers.
In 1999, we passed International SGS ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Firm Approval.
In 2000, we moved our headquarters to Taichung City, Taiwan. The original space is now for the exclusive use for material stock department.
In 2001, Dongguan Honn Rai Plastic Manufacturing was established, specializing in the production of inner pockets for clear files.
In 2002, We extended a zipper PE pocket production line in Dongguan Gentay Plastic Manufacturing Plant.
In 2004, in an effort to increase production efficiency, we moved Dongguan Honn Rai Plastic Manufacturing Plant together with Dongguan Gentay Plastic Manufacturing Plant. Simultaneously we extended our card case Production Line.
In 2005, we created the new brand MacroTask, to become the flagship label for our new, outstanding product lines. We think you will be impressed with our new product ranges and concepts, and we hope you will be watching over the next few months as we roll out our new family of items.
In 2008, we successfully moved to the new factory premises and began full operation from mid-October to serve our worldwide clients better.